Don't let the Legislature privatize our water!

The New Mexico Legislature is considering a public-private partnership for our water and sewage systems. This plan would give our drinking water or wastewater system to a private company to run.

This bill would be a bad deal for New Mexico. Not only would it fail to reduce costs, lead to job loss and reduce public transparency, but it also includes an outrageous provision where if a person cannot afford to pay his or her water bill, he or she would be charged with a crime and could be jailed for up to 6 months or pay a fine of up to $500!

Tell your state representative not to gut our Renewable Energy Act

Solar - City of Santa Fe - Green Jobs

On Friday morning, the House Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee will hear a bill that would eliminate New Mexico's requirement for investor-owned utilities to provide 20 percent renewable energy by 2020.

House Bill 445, sponsored by Rep. Larry Scott, would eliminate the only future requirement in the Renewable Energy Act.

Ask your legislator to support a ban on trapping in New Mexico


House Bill 426 puts an end to the cruel practice of trapping in New Mexico, and it will be heard in the House Agriculture, Water and Wildlife Committee at 8 a.m. Friday, Feb. 27, in Capitol Room 307. Please come to the Roundhouse to speak up against the cruel practice of trapping. If you can't make it -- or even if you can -- please click here to write to your legislator and ask him or her to support this ban.

Tell your state representative to ban coyote-killing contests

Coyote by Jim Robertson

A bill to ban coyote-killing contests has passed the New Mexico Senate 27-13, but it faces a tougher road in the state House of Representatives.

This bill does not ban coyote-hunting -- just the killing contests where participants win a prize for killing the most, the largest and sometimes the smallest coyote.

Wildlife biologists tell us that these contests do not control the coyote population because stressing the population causes coyotes to have bigger litters.

Why Ban Plastic Bags in Los Alamos?

Plastic bags

February 23, 2015

What if you were offered a quick, easy, inexpensive way to clean up litter, lower chemical pollution, and reduce endocrine disruption that affects sexual development and obesity? What if I told you that this action contributes to a healthier, cleaner future for you and your kids? Would you think about it, or dismiss the offer out of hand? (Remember, it’s quick, cheap, easy.)
What is this tiny little action? Just bring your own shopping bags wherever you go.

Ban on coyote-killing contests passes state Senate


By Mona Blaber 02/03/15 UPDATED: 02/13/15

A bipartisan bill that would ban coyote-killing contests -- but still allow all other kinds of coyote-hunting -- passed the state Senate by a vote of 27-13 on Friday. The previous week, the bill passed the Senate Conservation and Judiciary committees, and now the bill moves on to the Senate floor.

JOIN Lands, Water and Wildlife Day at the Roundhouse

Protect our Wildlife

Whether your passion is wildlands, water, wildlife or climate change, we need YOU at the Roundhouse.

Citizen lobbyists can make a real difference this year on issues ranging from coyote-killing contests and preserving the free-flowing Gila River to maintaining solar energy in New Mexico and protecting the rights of those who live near industrial dairies. (Read more about important environmental legislation here.)

January-March Outings/Hikes for New Mexico and West Texas


Saturday, Jan. 3: Strenuous snowshoe, location to be determined. Two or three dogs OK. Tobin Oruch, 505-690-6253.

Saturday, Jan. 10: Strenuous snowshoe outing to Spirit Lake starting from the ski basin, 13 miles and 2,100-foot elevation gain. Early start. Two or three dogs OK. Contact Larry at...

Rio Grande Chapter legislative priorities

Roundhouse - by Dan Lorimier

Renewing solar credits crucial to economic development and maintaining the solar industry in New Mexico is among our top priorities this legislative session, along with stopping coyote-killing contests and cruel trapping:

SANTA FE, Feb. 2, 2015 — Rio Grande Chapter volunteers and staff are advocating for and against dozens of bills at the Roundhouse during the 2015 New Mexico legislative session.

NM at Center of Obama's Climate-Change Proposal

Oil Drilling

January 22, 2015 - Troy Wilde, Public News Service (NM)

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FARMINGTON, N.M. – New Mexico may be among the states most impacted by President Barack Obama's effort to regulate and reduce methane gas emissions.

Mike Eisenfeld, New Mexico energy coordinator for the advocacy group San Juan Citizens Alliance, says NASA released a report last year that shows the Four Corners region is a hot spot, responsible for producing the largest concentration of methane seen over the United States.

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